Your Logistic Solution

KINEXLOGISTICS are company supply chain management. We have unlimited services and never said no be able. The limited equipment any at port and any job site, it's make our company interested for handle because perfect tool support at job site it's no challenge for us, but the limited equipment it's part of my main business. Don’t said professional if all at supporting by tool perfect

Domestic shipping

We handled regular shipment of domestic cargoes, by sea, air, inter island, intercity. We have route domestic regular service to : Sumatera island area every day, Kalimantan island area twice a week, Sulawesi island area twice a week, Papua island area once in two weeks, East and West Nusa Tenggara island area every week.

International freight

Our expert team of import and export specialists understands the importance of choosing a trusted and experienced sea freight and air freight forwar-ding company. Our Internatio-nal shipment division always responsive to handle your shipment export/import and releases all documentation process at customs and gover-nment institution related for your shipment. Our team have customs certification, certifica-te of dangerous goods, export/ import certificate training, etc.

Project cargo

As our main business, project heavy cargo, oversized & dimension we always provide the solution accurate, precise & safety. Our project division have experienced to handle project cargo such as mobili-zation of heavy equipment, oversized dimension, material and equipment oil & gas field drill of material and equip-ment project, power plants material and equipment, and infrastructure project. No matter with limited of equip-ment, hard location & bad infrastructure, it's no problem for us, because it's our additional value services and our challenge.

Custom clearance

KINEX Logistics is your single source for customs brokerage services and will support your import and export needs with licensed and experienced customs brokerage services across the country.

Mover and relocation

We take special care when moving household goods and personal effects. Our seamless door to door shipping service ensures optimal safety and professional moving experience, which includes storage, insurance, packing and unpacking, reassembly and removal of debris.


With various types of trucks, we always ready to mobiliza-tion or distribute of general cargo or heavy equipment. With support by our operational trucking team, we are confident provide the best for you anywhere, anytime.

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