Packaging & Cargo Lashing


You, or your packing service or freight forwarder, must make sure any solid wood packaging you use meets the requirements.

Solid wood packaging includes:

  • packing cases
  • boxes and crates
  • drums and similar packing
  • pallets, box pallets and pallet collars
  • dunnage (loose wood used to protect goods and their packaging)

Cargo Lashing

All Lashing chains are made by using full automatic chain making machines. That results in very clean welds for the chain links. As raw material the more expensive 20Mn2 steel is used. This in combination with the in-house heat treatment guarantees a stable quality and makes sure that the durable chains reach the required minimum breaking strengths.

Every chain is tested before assembly of the hooks and before painting. For these Lashing chains it is used a high quality 2-components-paint. After painting the chains are oven-dried. This results in a very hard, durable and smooth surface of every single link.